The Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau

The Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau has a new location.

The new complex is in the Pudong New Area at No. 1500 Minsheng Road (near Yinchun Road). Use the Bureau for passports, visas and resident permits (cards). The new location is much larger than the old. Also, parking is available with 80 parking spaces. People’s complaints about the former Shanghai Bureau prompted the move. The Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau on No. 1500 Minsheng Road is better organized with no congestion and long lines. There are three reception halls and sixty reception desks for the patrons. The Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau's first floor is for native Chinese desiring passports for foreign travel including Hong Kong and Macau. The second floor is for the use of overseas Chinese. And finally, the third floor is for foreigners seeking visas and resident permits (cards).


Addresses of the Shanghai Exit/Entry Admin Bureau are as follows:

1) Pudong New Area ( Shanghai Head Ofiice )

Address: No.1500, Min Sheng Road (Crossby Han Xiao Road), Pudong New Area
Chinese Address: 浦东新区民生路1500号 (近含笑路)
Tel: 021-68541199
Working time: Mon to Sat 9:00-16:30
Transportation: By Metro : Line 2 - Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station (二号线上海科技馆站) & By Bus : 640路/983路/794路/Dong Zhou Line 东周线/Tunnel 4 Line隧道四线

2) Changning Dist Branch :
Address: No.788,Gubei Road(Crossby Hongqiao Road)
Chinese Address: 长宁区古北路788号 (近虹桥路)
Changning Shanghai - 200030
Tel: 021- 62193808
Working time: Mon to Sat 8:30 to 16:30
Transportation: By Metro : Line 10 - Yi Li Road (十号线伊犁路站) & By Bus 925路/925B路/748路/936路/57路/Hu Qing Special Line 沪青专线

3) Pudong New Area Branch:
Address: No.39-2,Zhangjiang Road(Crossby Guo Shou Jing Road)
Chinese Address: 浦东新区张江路39号-2 (近郭守敬路)
Pudong Shanghai-200030
Tel: 021-22047600
Working time: Mon to Sat 9:00 - 17:00
Transportation: By Bus : 609路/977路/961路/Shenchuan Line 申川线/Fangchuan Line方川线/Xinchuan Line 新川线

4) Putuo Dist Branch:
Address: 1913, Daduhe Road(Crossby Zhi Chuan Road)
Chinese Address: 普陀区大渡河路1913号 (近芝川路)
Tel: 021-22049525
Working time: Mon to Sat 8:30 to 17:00
Transportation: By Bus 856路/754路/944路/708路/838路

5) Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Branch:
Address: No.8 , Huajing Road(Crossby East Taipei Road)
Chinese Address: 外高桥保税区华京路8号(近台北东路)
Tel: 021-22047304
Transportation: By Metro : Line 6 - South Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone (六号线外高桥保税区南站) & By Bus : 968路/Tai Gao Line 泰高线/Chuan Zhang Gao Line 川张高线

6) Expo Special Visa Office:
Address : No.3588, South Pudong Road(Crossby Hua Feng Road)
Chinese Address : 浦东新区浦东南路3588号(近华丰路)
Tel: 021-22062010
Transportation: By Bus: 818路/588路/454路/974路/576 InterArea 576区间路/Zhou Nan Line 周南线
Note : This office serves to extend the visa especially for foreign visitors and their immediate family on a tour to the World Expo.


Many ppls think Shanghai has visa off only @ Minsheng Rd, actually not.Right now totally hv 5 along with 1 special expo visa office.

I guess few of our friends might know this earlier itself. Hope it will be helpful for the others. 



No need to wait in such a long queues @ Minsheng Rd. Simply u can go to the nearest visa office and apply . It will take the same visa processing time as the Minsheng Rd Off. 


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