Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) Airport Information (Shanghai, China)

Shanghai Airport (PVG) Information: Photo of the skylineA modern facility, which only opened in 1999 to become Shanghai's primary international airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) is close to the towns of Chuansha, Huinan, Sinchang and Zhou Pu, and within the city's Pudong region. The airport is located around 30 km / 19 miles south-east of Shanghai city centre and has become a significant hub for both Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, who operate Asian, European and transatlantic flights.

In total, Shanghai flights run to more than 60 domestic destinations and 70 international and regional destinations, with an annual throughput of some 20 million passengers, slightly less than half of which are from international destinations. The Ramada Pudong Airport Hotel is situated on-site at the airport and provides facilities for both companies and individual business travellers.

The Exhibition Centre and the main train station, amongst other venues. The famed rapid Maglev rail service is also popular and provides extremely fast connections to central Shanghai. Taxis and hotel shuttles operate 24 hours a day at Pudong Airport and limousines can also be arranged for those wanting to travel with a little more style.Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) Information: History and Facilities
A relatively new addition to the airports scene in the Republic of China, Shanghai's Pudong Airport opened towards to the end of 1999, at the cost of around $400 million, being built as a part replacement to nearby Hongqiao International Airport. Pudong Airport immediately took control of all international flights and just over five years later, a new second runway was added.

In 2007, a third runway and additional terminal was added, meaning that the overall capacity of Pudong Airport has been greatly increased. Shanghai is being visited by more and more people every year, both businessmen and tourists, and so expansion plans are afoot to add a further terminal, more runways and extra facilities. It is hoped that in the near future, Shanghai Pudong Airport will be able to serve more than 50 million passengers every year.

The main departures areas at the airport contain a selection of shops and places to eat. For the best selection of shops, head to the mall on the third floor, while for dining in Shanghai Pudong Airport, the Greeting Halls offer the most popular options, serving a range of cuisines.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) Information:

About Shanghai Tourism
Known locally as 'Hu', Shanghai is a bustling metropolis that is rich in culture, combining elements of modern and traditional. Located in eastern China and centred around the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is the country's biggest city and full of interest for visitors.

Close to Pudong Airport (PVG), the city's must-sees are often based around People's Square and include the Shanghai Museum. Spread across four storeys, this massive facility features 11 galleries and three exhibition halls. Meanwhile, the area known as Bund is home to an eclectic mix of Eastern and Western architecture and is worthy of a visit. Other attractions include the ancient Yu Gardens, Shanghai Botanical Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Jinjiang Amusement Park, and the Riverside Promenade, which edges the Huangpu River and offers great views as you stroll.


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About Shanghai Pudong Airport and bus times

Information booth : at terminal 2 and the Second floor between Hall 14 and No. 15, is responsible for answering all the problems within the passenger about terminal building and the facilities etc…

Telephone Inquiry Room: For those visitors inquiries flight inquiry service. Telephone Information Office at the domestic departure area, including the query computer, radio, telephone and other facilities.

Tel: 38484500

About Shanghai Pudong Airport and bus times

Shanghai Pudong Airport’s Recreation:


VIP Lounge : primarily for the vice ministerial level to provide terminal services to the leading place. A total of four customer lounges. Each passenger lounge to the VIP lounge were included, operating rooms, bathroom facilities, equipped with TV, sofa, coffee table, bar, freezer, display, burning coffee machines, books, newspapers and other facilities for aircraft. Pudong Airport VIP lounge, including 3 large, small meeting , 1 VIP reception room 1, 1 set of presidential suite, bar, business center and other facilities. Pudong Airport’s VIP room also accepted the holders of Northwest Airlines (WP Platinum Card, WP Gold, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce card, WORLD CLUB card, etc.) members.

First Class Lounge: The main is to hold first class, business class passengers invitation to provide service establishments. Offers self-service snacks, drinks, fruit, etc., as well as flight information, all kinds of magazines and newspapers.

Shanghai Pudong Airport’s Dining:

Food distribution: A. public international departure areas, international departure restricted; B. domestic departure public area, restricted domestic departure; C. reached the public area of international and domestic reach the public area

Food structure: A. International area: the Western-style fast food, casual dining, Japanese-style packages, Japanese-style fast food, bars cafes and other business items. B. Domestic area: from the Chinese meals, Chinese fast food, cold drinks, coffee shops and other business items.

Business center ( terminal 2): terminal arrival hall at the international, national regional, between Chinese and foreign business travelers to international and domestic long distance calls, the urban telephone, fax, photocopying, typing, computer Internet access and other services.


International Regional stores: the food, general merchandise, clothing, crafts, calligraphy, foreign language books, medicine and health products stores, which mainly store-based business with Chinese characteristics.

Domestic regional stores: Compose: food, general merchandise, clothing, handicrafts, medicine and health products, books and other stores, which mainly operate Shanghai characteristics of goods.

Duty-free goods: restricted distribution in the international departure from tobacco and alcohol, perfume (cosmetics), department stores, food stores, which mainly engage in international well-known brands and famous brand goods

Other facilities:

mother and child rooms: the embrace of the infant feeding visitors, changing diapers for the rest areas, a total of 23 terminals.

Children’s activity area: in the second floor of the domestic terminal and international terminal hall, to provide 6 to 12-year-old children’s play and entertainment venues, including the domestic activity area 2, the international activities of District 2, has a number of activities in the region activity facilities.

Red Hat TeaAbout Shanghai Pudong Airport and bus times1ms: “Red Hat” to provide baggage handling services for you, in the terminal of departure,

arrival points with service, on call, free baggage carts, baggage handling various groups to undertake “safe, on time, satisfied “free” old and sick “passenger services, charges by the Shanghai

Price Bureau approved, the service each RMB10. Tel: 68347575

Lost and Found: Responsible for passengers in the terminal receiving stolen property, custody, claimed to work and help passengers find lost items check lost property. Location: Domestic arrival hall doors, 8 and 9, between the door, tel: 68346324 International Arrivals Hall on the 10th between the door and the door 11, Tel: 68346078

Luggage storage services for the passengers

luggage access. Location: Domestic arrival hall doors, 8 and 9, between the door, tel: 68346324 International Arrivals Hall on the 10th between the door and the door 11, Tel: 68346078

Transportation :

Shanghai Pudong Airport Bus time:

BusLine                 Departure Destination Departure time Departure interval Fare Half-way stop
Line 1 Pudong Airport Hongqiao Airport 6:20am-Flight over 20~30



  Hongqiao Airport Pudong Airport 6:30am~9:30pm      
Line 2 Pudong Airport City Terminal(Jingan Temple) 8:00am~Flight over 15






  City Terminal(Jingan Temple


Pudong Airport 6:00am~9:00pm      
Line 3 Pudong Airport Galaxy Hotel 7:20am~11:pm 20~30



RMB Xujiahui、Dapu bridge、Longyang Station、Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
  Galaxy Hotel Pudong Airport 5:30am~8:00pm      
Line 4 Pudong Airport East dongjiangwan Road Swan Hotel


(Luxun park)

8:00am~11:pm 30



RMB18 Luxun Park、dabaishu、wujiaochang、Deping Road Pudong
  East dongjiangwang Road Swan Hotel


(Luxun park)

Pudong Airport 6:00am~8:00pm      
Line 5 Pudong Airport Shanghai Railway station 7:20am~11:00pm 20



RMB People square、Eastern Hospital、Luoshan Road
  Shaihai Railway station Pudong Airport 7:30am~8:00pm      
Line 6 Pudong Airport West Shanghai Station 8:00am~11:pm 20~30



RMB20 Nanshi Road、Baiyu Road、Changning Road、Huashan Road(Jing’an Temple)、Eastern Hospital、Purple Mountain Hotel、Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
  West Shanghai Station Pudong Airport 6:00am~8:00pm      




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